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Where culture and consumers meet content.


Our Podcast is Here!

For nearly 20 years, we’ve worked in multicultural marketing communications helping brands understand and maximize the value of culture and its impact on consumers. Some companies get it, and some… well, we’re still waiting. Engaging authentically with multicultural audiences takes commitment, knowledge and courage (believe us, we know), but the outcomes prove to be beneficial, generating consumer loyalty and affecting the bottom line.

While Corporate America slowly shifts, our passion for the culture remains strong. Our dedication to create the intersection between culture and communications is even stronger. That’s why we’ve decided to release a podcast. Here’s what you can expect:

Podcast name: “Culture & Convos” 

Presented by: The award-winning, African-American, female-owned marketing communications firm in Atlanta, PRecise Communications. 

Purpose of the show: “Culture & Convos” is a show about how culture influences EVERYTHING -- specifically marketing and communications. The podcast addresses how brands can better engage with black and brown audiences by first understanding their cultures. As multicultural marketing thought leaders, we’ll share our insights and years of experience working with top consumer brands and bring in diverse industry experts who understand the influence of culture and how it moves people.

Listen, and become:

  1. Educated. “Culture & Convos” is especially for our corporate colleagues in public relations, marketing and advertising. We understand that our friends in Corporate America aren’t always comfortable with talking about issues regarding black and brown people. More importantly, we understand that applying marketing campaigns to these audiences isn’t always top-of-mind. This podcast is here to help by exploring the values, lifestyles, histories and interests of diverse audiences and sharing best practices of how companies can connect with them. So... we want our podcast to be their “cultural-one-stop-shop” resource.

  2. Empowered. Our hope is that our colleagues take this information and feel informed and empowered enough to create effective and authentic marketing communications campaigns that reach all consumer segments. Also, we believe that our bold, non-traditional approach to this podcast will spark conversations like these among consumers in their offices, barbershops, nail salons, churches, etc. 

Our voice: We take pride in having real, honest, unrehearsed and truly authentic conversations. If our podcast was a multicultural soundtrack, it would be mixed with some of the world’s greatest artists, like: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Celia Cruz, Ice Cube, Shakira, Run DMC, Mary J. Blige, J. Cole, J. Balvin, Kirk Franklin, Jill Scott and more!

Listen to how we do communications “for the culture."

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