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Because Home is the New Office: Six Tips to Surviving Quarantine

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

For the first week, working from home is a breeze. Natural sunlight becomes your alarm clock. Your couch becomes your office chair. Your kitchen is your new break room. Workout clothes are your new business casual. Not to mention, your commute from “home” to “office” took no effort. 

What happens after week one of #WFH

While work flexibility is a plus, it can sometimes be hard to find motivation to sustain productivity. Trust and believe, these unprecedented times should not be taken for granted. Now is the perfect opportunity to build new habits that will help retain or enhance your work ethics and maintain a sense of normalcy and sanity. Besides, we ALL can imagine how hard that first Monday morning post-quarantine is going to be. 

Here’s some tips from the PRecise team based on how we are surviving: 

“Come up with a list of things you have deprioritized but you’ve always wanted to accomplish, like organizing your finances, taking a certification course, etc. and do them.”

- Desirae Jones


“Create a personal workspace that will actually motivate your productivity.”

- Amanda Sanford 


“Use music to elevate your mood. Listen to a new download or dance at @DJNice’s virtual IG parties.”

- Alexis Davis Smith 


"Create healthy living habits. Don’t allow quarantine to make you a couch potato.”

- Danterious Brown


“Go rediscover nature. You’d be surprised how a breath of fresh air can restimulate the brain.”

- Nadia Felder 


“Schedule time to unplug. Enjoy the peace and quiet and remember to be thankful for your blessings; many people are not as fortunate as you are.”

- Tracey Bowen

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