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Events & Media Relations

The Challenge

Toyota Corolla has been the top-selling nameplate among U.S. Hispanic and African-American buyers for more than 40 years. For its 45th anniversary, PRecise, with agency partner Jackson Spalding, executed a three-day “East Coast Press Preview” in Miami, for 60 reporters. The challenge was finding a way to make the experience memorable for journalists who attend auto previews all the time. Our solution was to build on Toyota’s current “Expect the unexpected” advertising campaign by showing them a newly charted area of Miami. Instead of the tourist-heavy South Beach, we hosted them in Downtown Miami, the hot area of town called, “Brickell.” We set them up in the lap of luxury at the Viceroy Hotel, then wined and dined them for 24 hour waves. Toyota execs delivered special presentations tailored for each wave: automotive, lifestyle and multicultural. At night, we surprised them with a boat ride to dinner at “Corolla Cove,” an old fish shack that we transformed into an upscale restaurant. Of course, no press preview is complete without a ride and drive. Again, offering the unexpected we curated a driving experience through Miami’s popular arts district, Wynwood Walls. 

The Impact

The press preview garnered more than 300 social posts, over 50 stories and a staggering 41 million media impressions. We earned another 2.4 million impressions with the hashtag #2014Corolla. 

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